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911 Conspiracy
Vilifying the Right

Turning on the True Patriots for the Sake of World Socialist Government.

Yes, unfortunately, there is a very small subset of patriots who are racist and violent, but the Media does not attempt to distinguish them from the rest who are deeply loyal to the foundations of freedom.

These patriots stand opposed to the establishment of a New World Order socialist police state.  The liberal establishment is not so happy about them standing in their way.  These Orwellian insiders are the true enemies of freedom, and they happen to be in charge of running the show right now.


Censorship in Wake of 911

        Take away our right to redress by the pen, and redress by the sword will be our only recourse.


News Reports


In a Positive Light

It's not all bad

  • Militia groups return to spotlight (Spokesman Review Oct. 17, 2001) - "Butch Razey, a member of the Yakima County Militia, says people sometimes used to avoid him on the street. But since the Sept. 11 attacks, he says he's being buttonholed constantly for advice on such things as emergency food, medical supplies, gas masks and chemical suits."


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