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Patriot Saints Introduction

Mission Statement
For the local fellowship of charitable-minded patriot saints and groups, defending freedom and virtue against its enemies, foreign and domestic, and implementing the kingdom of God through a grass-roots approach.

Patriot - n. exemplar and advocate of societal freedom
Saint - n. exemplar and advocate of the gospel (more)
    Patriot Saints branches are local, autonomous units that may or may not choose to affiliate with Remnant Saints International Patriot Alliance, whose governing body is Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress.

August 8, 2000 Message:

Does the name "Patriot Saints" resonate with you?

We didn't invent the phenomenon, we are only serving as a catalyst for recognizing it and supporting it.

The ideal marriage of church and state under God, promotes the best in each individual by protecting their freedoms and sanctifying their souls.

The kingdom of God contains both a church and a state element, which ideally work harmoniously.

We believe that the kingdom of God will be established on earth prior to the coming of Jesus Christ in the clouds with glory, along with the kingdom of heaven which joins the kingdom of God that has been established on earth.

At the same time, this is Satan's last stand prior to being cast out of the earth along with his followers. The establishment of a socialist one world government, also called the New World Order, is the antithesis of what the kingdom of God is about.

We must be separate from her, coming out and gathering as like-minded patriots and saints for the kingdom of God. is designed to facilitate that gathering and help implement the kingdom of God on earth.

The PatriotSaints Newsletter likewise is designed to disseminate information pertinent to this worthy and timely cause.

We do not claim to be the end-all be-all movement, but rather see ourselves as one part of the body of Christ which has many facets that work together. We seek to become one with all who are seeking to establish the gospel and government of God on the earth.


Comment on 7/28/00

Some militia people look at how far downhill we have gone in the U.S., say we have gone to far, and that it is well-nigh time to take our country back -- to restore freedom.  They say that the time for peaceful measures is now past, that it is our right and duty to throw off our chains.  Others are still inclined to continue using the peaceful means yet at our disposal, and wait for something more drastic such as the confiscation of guns to mark the beginning of another American revolution.

I would tend to agree with the "we've gone too far" part of that, but the solution that is settling in my heart is more along the lines of facilitating the establishment of a separate people.  I say "facilitating" because it is a phenomenon that is already taking place and will continue with or without this movement.  I see the formation of a new people under Christ, including a righteous government element -- our answer to the new world order -- a separate society against which the powers that be will have no power.

Nevertheless, even under this approach, I would tend to think that we would interface and be friends with and even participate to a certain extent with the militia element when the time is right.  But our focus would be to rely upon the power of the priesthood of God far more than the flintlock.

What do you think?


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