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911 Conspiracy
Richard Clarke Testifies that Bush Was Amply Warned of Pending Major Attack by Al Qaeda

Interview on NPR March 24, 2004 with Richard Clarke (click to listen), Counter Terrorism Chief in Clinton and Bush administrations, resigned in protest in Feb. 2003.  Testified before the Sept. 11 Commission.
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New book: "Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror." #1 bestseller.

Richard Clarke

NPR interview excerpts regarding book and pending testimony before Sept. 11 Commission:

Regarding Bush's alertness about pending 911 attack.

"If you look at what the President said himself to Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who wrote the book Bush at War, in an interview with Woodward, says, 'this was not at the top of my list or my national security team, I was not on point, I did not feel a sense of urgency about Al Qaeda.'

"Frankly, how he could not feel a sense of urgency, given the fact that he was being briefed every day by CIA about an impending attack, I still don't understand."


"The Clinton team, said in a very civilized way, to the incoming team, 'There are three issues that you have to focus on: one is Al Qaeda, two is the Israeli-Arab peace process, and three is the process we have created to negotiate with North Korea about the nuclear weapons program.'

"Somehow all three of those issues slipped to the bottom when the Bush Administration took over."


"George Tenant was briefing Pres. Bush every morning."

Interview and book also tells account of how Bush pressured Clarke to come up with evidence to link Iraq to Al Qaeda, and Clarke said their was none, and the Bush insisted "look again," and still there was none. 

Recounts that war on Iraq was in planning long before 911, and that Rumsfeld called for war on Iraq the day after 911.

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Report posted by Sterling D. Allan on March 25, 2004
Last updated on April 11, 2004
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