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Moore's Fahrenheit 911 is fraught with lies

Moore knowingly uses some information to support his view, which in context does not lend such support.  At least 50 such violations of truth in the movie.

Editor's note: This website features documentation of conspiracy in the 911 attack, including a close look at President Bush actions that morning.  While we encourage unfettered access to truth, and the asking of hard questions; we do not condone dishonesty, a tool which Moore unfortunately has embraced in the presentation of his documentary as shown clearly below.

Posted with permission July 8, 2004

From: "J J Dewey" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 5:18 AM
Subject: [Keysters] 13 Deceptions of Fahrenheit 911

My Friends,

As you know I do not mind a fair fight between two people of opposing
views, but one thing that really outrages me is when certain people have no
regard for fair play and are willing to deceive and hit below the belt to
further their agenda.

One such case is the new movie Fahrenheit 911. The conscious deception
here is so bad that no disciple should be expected to hold his tongue.

13 Deceptions of Fahrenheit 911

It is interesting that when the devil appeared to tempt Jesus, his most
powerful weapon was not lustful images or unholy degradation. Instead of
showing himself to be an obvious enemy of all that is true and decent he
used that which was most pure and holy to deceive the Son of God. What was

He quoted the scriptures and in turn Jesus quoted them back.

What was the difference between the two entities quoting that which was
accepted as truth?

The difference was that, even though the words the crafty devil quoted was
recognized as true the intent was not to reveal truth, but carefully spoken
out of context to deceive. Jesus, on the other hand, had the intent and
effect to reveal the real truth.

Today we have as our modern day devil, Michael Moore, who takes pride in
saying that his film clips and sound bytes are all true, yet, just like the
crafty devil, he has arranged this true information to unabashedly
deceive. Then, other times, he is just flat out in literal error.

A simple example of blatant, mean-spirited deception in Fahrenheit 911 is
found in Moore's accusation that Representative Peter Goss does not have an
800 number for the public to report problems with the Patriot Act. This
gives the definite impression that no toll free number is available even
though Goss insisted there is one. Moore makes Goss look like a liar.

The Truth: Toll free numbers beginning with "800" are no longer available
so Goss's office had to get the toll free "877" number which is the same
thing as an 800 number and Moore knows this. Instead he chose a cheap
deception using the literal truth that his office had no 800 number. This
is the same thing as telling the lie that there is no toll free number when
there is one.

Critics have found over 50 flat out deceptions in the movie Fahrenheit 911.
Since most people do not have the patience to read through so much detail
let us cover thirteen obvious ones.

Here is a second deception: The movie craftily opens with Al Gore having a
victory celebration in Florida, apparently because he thought he won
Florida and the election. The narrator says "It was election night 2000
and everything seemed to be going as planned."

Truth: Al Gore never had any celebration in Florida on election night, but
was in Tennessee. There was no celebration by either Bush or Gore on
election night. The clip of Gore celebrating was from another time and

Third Deception: All the media were declaring Gore as the winner until the
evil Fox news "called the election for the other guy." The narrator then
says: "All of a sudden the other networks said, 'Hey, if Fox said it, it
must be true.'"

Truth: It was CBS, not Fox that first called Florida for Bush at 10 PM.
Fox did not follow the tide until four hours later. Moore twisted the
facts to make it look as if Fox was conspiring with Bush by calling the
election for him.

Fourth Deception: Moore quotes CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin as saying that
if the recount continued, "under every scenario Gore won the election."

Truth: Moore found a media person voicing a mistaken opinion and used it
as the gospel truth. A six-month study in 2001 by news organizations
including The New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN found that even
if the Supreme Court had not stopped a statewide recount, or if a more
limited recount of four heavily Democratic counties had taken place, Bush
still would have won Florida and the election.

Fifth Deception: Moore insinuates that there was some type of Bush
conspiracy that caused the state to hire "a company that's gonna knock
voters off the roles who aren't likely to vote for you. You can usually
tell 'em by the color of their skin." He implies that these purged voters
altered the course of the election.

Truth: The voters in question are convicted felons which, not Bush, but
the state legislature, directed to be cut from the voting rolls - for a
felon cannot legally vote in Florida. There were several mistakes in
purging the felons. If the felon was named John Smith there were cases
where a non-felon with the same name was eliminated by accident. There
were also a few felons from other states who were legally allowed to vote
who were purged. Each voter purged was notified and given an opportunity
to appeal.

As any child can see this had absolutely nothing to do with race. It is
deceptive and mean-spirited to suggest otherwise. It is estimated that the
purged voters were fairly evenly divided among Republicans and Democrats,
so even if no mistakes were made there would have been little change.

What Moore leaves out is this important point. Election officials in 20
Florida counties ignored the purge list and allowed illegal felons to vote.
Since 69% of felons vote democratic this means that Gore may have received
thousands of illegal votes in his favor giving Gore the far majority of the
benefit of the situation that Moore deceptively tells us benefited Bush.

Sixth Deception: Bush spent 42% of his presidency before 9/11 on vacation.

Truth: Moore includes weekends here which few people count as vacation
time. The rest of the time is that which Bush spent away from the White
house such as at Camp David or his ranch. Bush still worked when he was
away from the White House just as other presidents have in the past. In
fact, Democrats think he worked too much on the tax cut. It is doubtful
that any president, Republican or Democratic, gets a full day off on any
regular basis.

Seventh Deception: The narrator of the movie states: "It turns out that
the White House approved planes to pick up the bin Ladens and numerous
other Saudis. At least six private jets and nearly two dozen commercial
plans carried the Saudis and the bin Ladens out of the U.S. after September
13th. In all, 142 Saudis, including 24 members of the bin Laden family,
were allowed to leave the country."

Truth: This was deceitfully presented in the context that the White House
was involved in some conspiracy concerning 9/11 and was secretly protecting
the guilty. Moore tossed in the September 13th date in insinuate the bin
Laden family members were rushed out before anyone could question them
while even Ricky Martin was stranded.

The truth is that all of the bin Ladin group were carefully screened and 23
were interviewed by the FBI and did not leave for some time, not until
Sept 20th when it was felt by authorities that they had no useful
knowledge. The 142 Saudis were also carefully checked.

The White House did not approve the flights, but it was Moore's hero,
Richard Clarke who had authority for final approval. Clarke said he made
the right decision and would do it again.

The 911 Commission also looked into this and found no reason why these
people should have been detained longer than they were.

Deception Eight: Moore implies further conspiracy in the fact that he
found the secret service to be guarding the Saudi foreign embassy.

Truth: The U.S. provides secret service protection for foreign diplomatic
missions and embassies of all nations who request it. This is nothing
unusual, especially for Moslem diplomats who may have felt threatened after

One needs to ask here that if Bush is so bent on protecting Saudi interests
why did he invade Iraq which in turn would free up a powerful competitive
oil supply which could hurt the Saudis?

Deception Nine: Moore tries to imply that Bush was friends with the
Taliban before 911 and invaded Afghanistan to secure a pipeline deal. He
tells us that in 1997 the Taliban visited Unical in Houston "while Bush was
Governor" and arranged a pipeline deal. What he leaves out is that this
visit had nothing to do with Bush, but the company in question happened to
be in Texas and it was Clinton Administration who had supported the
project. By the time Bush became president the pipeline deal with Unical
no longer existed.

Moore said Afghan president Karsai was a Unical consultant. This is false.

Deception Ten One of the most outrageous deceptions that even those who do
not pay attention to the news was the film's portrayal of pre-war Iraq as a
happy tranquil place with happy children (with no worries of losing their
parents to false imprisonment and death), happy women (with no concern
about rape rooms) and happy fathers (with no concern of being tortured,
dipped in acid or ground up like hamburger).

For the truth merely check out surveys of current Iraqis of whom the vast
majority are happy to be free from Saddam's tyranny.

Deception Eleven: Moore makes it sound like Bush coldly shut down veterans
hospitals and cut military pay.

Truth: Some outdated ones were shut down, but what Moore does not tell you
is that new, updated ones in better locations are planned. In 2003
Military pay had an average increase of 3.7% and Bush is spending $22
billion overall to increase veterans retirement benefits.

Deception Twelve: Moore insinuates that members of Congress are
hypocritical in that they are willing to send other people's children to
Iraq, but not their own.

Truth: Members of Congress have had a higher percentage serve in Iraq than
the general population. In addition John Ashcroft, the Attorney General,
has a son on active duty.

A particularly mean-spirited distortion occurs in the film when Moore
approaches Republican Congressman Michael Castle insinuating that he would
not send his children to Iraq. The problem of which the viewers are
ignorant is that Castle has no children.

Deception Thirteen: Moore does not reveal that he stole his title idea
from a Ray Bradbury book called Fahrenheit 451. Because the book is a
well-known classic, this theft gives Moore millions of dollars worth of
free unearned advertising.

Truth: Bradbury is angry as a hornet, especially since plans are in the
works for a new movie version of his book. Many young people will think
that Bradbury stole from Moore rather than Moore from Bradbury.

Bradbury said, "Michael Moore is a screwed asshole, that is what I think
about that case. He stole my title and changed the numbers without ever
asking me for permission.... He is a horrible human being. Horrible human!"

When asked if he wanted money, he replied that he did not. He just wanted
his title back. Bradbury has made repeated attempts to contact Moore or
his agents from about six months before the film was released and was
repeatedly told that something would be worked out, but Moore has blatantly
gone ahead with stealing the title over Bradbury's objections. It looks
like Bradbury's only recourse may be legal action. If Bradbury succeeds in
reacquiring what is morally his, maybe a year or two from now the film will
be named something like "911 Moore Lies."

Note: There are numerous web pages listing Moore's deceptions. The best
one I have found so far is "Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911"
By Dave Kopel

This presents a more detailed account of the distortions of the film and
the interesting thing is that the author is a Ralph Nader supporter rather
than a Bush admirer.

The web address is:

Copyright 2004 by J J Dewey


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