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Dream illustrates need to establish local Trauma Centers with alternative health modalities, 24/7 dispatch, national and international database of practitioners for consultation.

Sterling D. Allan
Copyright Patriot Saints
July 8, 2003


I had an impactful dream last night that woke me up at 3:30 in the morning.  I arose to record the dream and the impressions that following it, but was distracted with other projects of the day, so I am finally getting around to recording it here as there is less than an hour remaining in the day.

It was one of those instructive dreams that charts the course of one's life.

In the dream, a friend of mine, Chris Westra, who is one of those kind of people who embraces life with ghusto, living it to its fullest (e.g. black belt Karate), was coming to my house to drop something off or pick something up.  Enroute he apparently had a terrible accident, and when he arrived his first and last words were "I need help."  His face was grossly injured, as were his knees, and he seemed to have broken some bones as well.  His condition was deteriorating rapidly.  He did not fade completely from consciousness, but was increasingly in a daze.

He had been riding a plastic tri-cycle (the symbolism of that escapes me) at the time of the accident, and he arrived on the tri-cycle.

Nearly as soon as he arrived, his wife, Cassandra, who is also our midwife, showed up and immediately began to nurse him, putting splints on his legs and wrapping them with a long scarf. 

He was resisting what she was attempting to do.  As she would attempt to straighten his leg, he would try and bend it again.  It seemed to me that there was something greatly amiss that we were not picking up on, which was critical.

I said, "Cassandra, I think we need to get an X-ray.  We need to take him to a hospital."

At that, she immediately could see that I was right.  She was in over her head.  She could sense intuitively that there are alternative treatments that would work for her husband, but by herself she did not have what it took.  The home remedy bag of tricks she knew was spent.  But by then, it was almost as if it was too late, and he was crashing.

That was when I began to wake up; but I drifted between sleep and consciousness and the dream seemed to linger with him deteriorating, and me pondering on the dream.

The vivid impression I received was that the alternative health world needs to establish trauma centers in order to be able to handle crisis situations.  We need our own 24/7 dispatch, with a complete database of local alternative health practitioners to call upon; as well as a database of national and international health specialists who could be called upon in an emergency for consultation.

We need to have certain kinds of equipment in a clinic, such as X-ray machines.  Some of this could be done symbiotically with the local hospitals.

I imagine the legal hassles to overcome in establishing such a system will be a challenge to overcome, but not insurmountable.  There is a growing trend of respect toward alternative modalities and practitioners.

The malpractice protection need and insurance need would not be nearly as great because those who gravitate toward alternative, natural, and faith healing generally take far more responsibility for themselves, and are much less prone to jump at an opportunity to blame someone else for a misfortune that befalls them.

This dream breathed life into me, giving me yet another wonderful cause to pursue with vigor.  I accomplished a great deal during the day because of the vitality of the idea.  On my "Free Energy Updates" index I generated five breaking news releases (including this one and an experience I recorded past midnight the night before, hence falling on today's date), whereas usually it is rare to have two "breaking" stories in one day.

Later in the afternoon today, I received a phone call from Ahmed Shafi MD.  He was inquiring about Patriot Saints, and was wondering if it was okay if he could join the organization even though he is Muslim.  It told him that he was absolutely welcome, and that I was delighted to have his interest in what we are doing, and would even love to see him be part of the leadership of the movement.

He said he had read most of what was on the website and that he agreed with pretty much everything he had read; and that he wanted to help promote the cause.  He agreed to serve as a contact point for people in his area to contact to be put in touch with people of like mind for local fellowship and nurturing.  He was not opposed to the idea of even playing a more general role in the organization.

As we spoke, it finally dawned on me the significance of his call.  He is a physician.  I told him about the dream I had, and as I did so, the synchronicity of the timing of his call struck me.  Not only is he a physician; he is a Radiologist -- the guy who interprets X-rays and such -- the very thing I said we needed in the dream I had.

He himself has sympathy with alternative methods, though he doesn't consider himself strongly qualified in alternative modalities.  He does Yoga, and says it makes him a better surfer (he lives in Hawaii but is presently hanging out with his folks in Connecticut).

He loved the idea of establishing trauma centers for those who practice alternative healing methods.  I agreed with him that not all allopathic approaches are bad; though so often the cure is worse than the disease or injury.

He moaned when I mentioned that legal questions would be a challenge, as if to say -- "you have no idea."

But over all, he thinks the idea has great promise, and he offered his help to see it come to fruition.

My wife said she heard of a hospital in Nevada that is exclusively for people who practice alternative health principles.  My mother in law (who has a friend who is a surgeon, who would gladly participate in something like this), said there is a hospital in China that is of similar ilk.

Obviously I'm not the first to come up with such a concept.  I hope that my sharing this dream I had, and the synchronistic unsolicited call from a Muslim physician, will help inspire this movement.

Let's do it.

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Page posted July 8, 2003
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