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Units of Society

From: "Sterling D. Allan" <>
Date: Wed Jun 27, 2001 10:58 am
Subject: Q. support group structure?

To: Patriot Saints branch coordinator & admin.

One of the things that has been weighing heavily on me is the need to foster among like-minded 'patriot saints' (whether they call themselves that or not) a sense of commitment to help each other out. We all realize that commitment as part of the gospel/baptismal covenant, but we need to realize that it extends to the 'patriot' realm as well. There needs to be a sense of community and helping each other out on that level as well. One of the things I would like to recommend (I would like to compose an essay on the subject) is for people to (if they are not already) begin grouping together, from the ground level up. In the vernacular of the Bible, it speaks of groups of ten families to be the most basic level of interaction and care for one another. Five of these then associate for a group of fifty (five times ten), which would then administer to the needs from group to group as is necessary, and so forth.

My question to you is just what is the ideal structure? and why? Is it 'captains of ten, captains of fifty, etc. as in the Bible? Or is the most ideal functioning unit smaller, e.g. three or even two families, which then are a part of, say twelve families?

I would think it would be as follows (this is just off the top of my head -- after years of thinking about this off and on)

(1) The most basic unit is the individual, personally responsible for his/her actions before God.

(2) The second most basic unit is the couple, who are seeking to work together as one, along with the children under their care.

(3) The third unit is three couples who unite together to form a covenant relationship of fellowship and care for one another on all matters, except those specifically relevant to the first or second units. A single adult could be included as a "couple" unit in this third unit.

(4) The fourth unit would be four of the above units of three, making twelve families.

(5) The fifth unit would be five of the above twelve-family units, which is sixty families.

(6) The sixth unit would be six of the above, or 360 (full circle) families.

(7) The seventh unit would be seven of the above, or 2,520 families.

(8) The eighth unit would be eight of the above, or 20,160 families.

(9) The ninth would be nine of the above, or 181,440 families.

(10) The tenth would be ten of the above, or 1,814,400 families.

(11) The eleventh would be eleven of the above, or 19,958,400 families.

And so forth.

The numbers given above, for unit three and above, would represent a ceiling number, which when a unit reached a point of surpassing it, they would then divide into two smaller units.

The organization would be from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.

All functions would be taken care of on the lowest level possible or feasible.

These are my thoughts. Any feedback from you would be appreciated, as I prepare to compose this essay.



Sterling D. Allan

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