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Who Stands To Gain-Follow The Money

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Date: Thu Sep 27, 2001 2:28 am 
Subject: Fwd: Why they hate us: **Who Stands To Gain-Follow The Money [Editorial]

It should also be noted that the Afghanis have resisted the construction of a  major oil pipeline through it's land. This pipeline, a deal sought for by  nations involved in the new drilling going on in and around the Caspian Sea  oil field, hinges upon the successful deployment of this pipeline. If America  manages to destabilize the Afghani government of the Taliban, a government  friendly to western interests could be placed there by the United Nations.  Suddenly a LOT of people get very rich. There is an old adage...and it goes;  "follow the money."

The Caspian Sea's oil has been a major issue since Adolph Hitler attempted to  set up refineries there during his dictatorial reign over Europe. Many lives  have been lost in attempts to control this resource, and now it looks like  many more will be lost as well. Is it any wonder Americans have not been  informed of this little gem via PRAVDA USA. Seems this minor oversight has  not been the only thing mainstream American press has failed to present to  the American people, a people now asked to support yet another war for Big  Business, with the lives of their sons and daughters.

"But THEY bombed us," you cry! WHO bombed us? We STILL do not know for sure,  yet we fingered Osama bin Laden immediately. And still, with no evidence,  we've continued to blame him until, innocent or guilty, he is GUILTY as far  as the TV-hyptonized American audience is concerned. This of course is not  meant to dismiss the terrible crime committed in NY and Washington DC, but it  is a bit suspicious that so many coincidences surround this latest  "terrorist" event. A lot of people stand to gain a lot of money. Many private  investors have lost their shirts in the market, but large corporations  managed to buy back their publicly owned stock pennies on the dollar!  Somebody made out. And a LOT MORE deals and last minute transactions occurred  in the last hours before the Stock Market closed the day before the disaster.  Yet ANOTHER coincidence? Could some people "in the know" have been tipped  off, and profited from this? Some of the terrorist's buddies may have been,  if the news stories are correct. And then there's the little matter of  possible manipulation?

Apparently high level negotiations were already underway for an invasion of  Afghanistan which were to kicked off with joint NATO exercises beginning in  nearby Pakistan. Coincidentally the British fleet had already arrived in the  area, and American personnel were being prepped for departure as well. We are  to believe that this is also JUST a coincidence. Does anyone smell a rat?

One would think that we, the American people, had learned our lessons in  Vietnam, but it appears that yet another generation will be asked to  sacrifice their lives for the "cause." As an aging 60s-70s long-hair who  lived through the Vietnam era in Hong Kong, I gained a different perspective  on America's little wars. And because I lived through that debacle, I  recognize this scenario only too well. American expansionism is a reality,  and we've manipulated so many world governments, propped up so many nasty  little regimes and petty dictators, and we continue to provide so much aid to  some of the worlds slimiest governments, how can we help but make enemies?

Enemies we may well have, and they may be monsters...but today's monsters are  never made in a vacuum. As wonderful as the dream of this REPUBLIC was, and  as grand and inspired as the Constitution is, we neither have that Republic,  nor follow the Constitutional guidelines of the founders. Collectively  speaking, a large portion of our citizenry do not recognize the laws given  mankind by it's God, and these principles were the very foundation of our  Constitutional government; "..One nation, under God."

So HOW can we hope for real peace, and domestic tranquility, if we abandon  the REAL force behind our success.


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